Our Approach

Pro Auto Advisors was founded on several basic principles: consumer education, finding the best vehicle to fit individual needs, and uncovering the best values in the car market. We believe that focusing on these areas will lead you to the ideal vehicle that suits your budget, needs, and lifestyle.

Our consultants will take the time to get to know you and what factors are most important to you in the search for a new vehicle.

If you are in the market for a new or used car and don’t know where to begin or what to look at, contact us today to get started. Even if you know what car you’re shopping for but are having trouble finding one, or have questions about common issues or longevity, we can help.

Our Story

As car enthusiasts, driving around town can sometimes cause a mental breakdown. Not just because of the traffic, but because of the cars that people end up in. We see people in cars that either don’t fit their needs or are just not competitive in their segment. Of course the question is: “how exactly do people end up buying these things?” We’ve concluded that there are two big factors at play here. People HATE the car buying experience itself and they also don’t have time to do their homework. As a result, consumers tend to either buy the first thing they look at, something they’ve heard is good, or just a newer version of the car they already own.

There have been several studies that support our theory. Most shoppers either don’t end up taking a test drive at all before buying a vehicle or wind up in the first car they drive. This is a bewildering fact considering you’ll have to live with the purchase every day for years to come and that buying a car is one of the 3 largest purchases you will make in your life.

As a result, we decided to start Pro Auto Advisors as a way to help the weary shopper navigate the increasingly complex and competitive car market. Our focus is 100% on you. We have no biases, answer to no brand or dealership, and accept no payments from anyone except our clients. We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide the best information and guidance we can.

Meet the Team

Jeff Finkelstein

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff is a lifelong car enthusiast who wants to see people get the best car for the money and avoid poor financing decisions. He stays current on automotive news and developments, attends national car shows, test drives new releases, and regularly participates in manufacturer sponsored driving events.

His personal and family ownership experience includes Ford, Toyota, Subaru, and Audi. He has driven everything from a boat-hauling 1986 Ford E-250 to new Porsches. Jeff’s own philosophy for car shopping revolves around heavily depreciated German cars and practicality.

Besides his expertise in the automotive realm, Jeff has degrees in geology and finance and currently works as a materials scientist.

Janette Wilson

Co-founder & President

Janette’s main interest is in the driving experience. With the average daily driving time in the US being over an hour and a half per day, Janette is interested in making sure people really enjoy the vehicle they will spend so much time in. Janette also stays current, frequently attending car shows, manufacturer-sponsored driving events, and new model test drives. Her personal interest is in small, sporty hatches.

Janette has degrees in geology and planetary science/remote sensing and currently works consulting for and selling hyperspectral imaging systems.